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Steve A asks "We checked with you 3 years ago about a home. Since then we have decided we want a higher efeciency home. Do you or have you ever priced your shell system with 2"X6" walls and overhangs 24" to 32" ? We are looking at the 1450 sq ft chalet. Thanks"

This question has not yet been answered.

Steve A asks "Regarding the 2X6 walls. I understand the spray foam insulation will achieve this. We also spoke to you about upgrading to d log siding which you said you can do, but does that include the saddle notch corners?"

Sorry no.

Randy asks "What is the width of foundation walls? Also wondering if doubling the 16" lvl beam supporting the second floor would eliminate the center post?"

8'' is the most common. Only 1 post is required at the stairway.

Jane asks "What is the roof pitch on the 1250 chalet"