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If you have questions, comments, or suggestions. ASK THE BUILDER!

Ken asks "Hello, I would like to know if you build turnkey panelized log homes. I would have the footing, foundation and septic already installed. The log home will be in Grainger County, Tn.. I am planning for this move in approx. 6 months."

Sorry we only do shells. You should be able to get some local help with finishing. Most building supply companies have list of qualified sub contractors.

Ken asks "I plan to make settlement on my property in Tn. sometime in Sept. and would like to stop by your facility and speak with you if that is possible. Please tell me what days and are best, Thanks"

Some one is usually in the office from 8-5 daily monday thru friday on weekends by appointment. You should call ahead just to make sure.

Buddy Alllison asks "Do you have a model that the dimensions are 48 Ft x 32 Ft.?"

The closest thing we have to 48x32 is A 26x40 two story 1800 square foot home. To view plans click on "our best selling 1800 square foot home" link on our home page.

Ken asks "Can you supply the same siding loose so it can be installed on the inside walls after insulation and wiring, and just a rough estimate of price?"

You should be able to buy this siding at your local building supply. Most homes use 8 inch tongue and groove white pine on the interior. All the pictures of interiors on this web site have the tongue and groove interiors. Cost is around 80-90 cents per square foot. Thanks for the interest in our product. We will try to answers any questions in a timely manner.