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Mike asks "Several questions...most of your plans it says porch not included....there are two small porches in your 2800 - are they included? Delivery is $3 per loaded mile from Ellijay up to 1800 sq much extra is the 2800 sq ft home?"

No porched are included with the 2800 home. Shipping cost will be around 5.00 per loaded mile.

Mike asks "For high winds, do you recommend having anchor bolts attached to the foundation and then when you are placing walls down, you can anchor with bolts? I ready you normally just fasten home to foundation with nails... Thanks!"

A treated 2x8 needs to be bolted to the foundation per code before delivery. The floor system is nailed to the 2x8.

Mike asks "I understand the decking and wood railing that are shown in front of the 2800 bedroom and dining room are not included in the price, but what about the overhang roof supported by 2 posts? Does that need to be added by the new owner or is it included by y"

No porch floors or roofs are included.

David asks "If I want to add metal roof and porch, windows, doors, stone chimney and stairs, can you do that as we'll? a"

The homes come with windows factory installed. The other items we do not offer.