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Ask Connor Construction


If you have questions, comments, or suggestions. ASK THE BUILDER!

Bill asks "Where do you bring up ductwork to 2nd floor for 1800 sf plan?"

Look in the closet on the first floor plan of the 1800 plan.

Justin Bosarge asks "Can you change the floor plans up on the blueprints on the 2000 sqft home?"


Justin Bosarge asks "A few questions. Can you change the floor plan up on the 2000sqft home to meet our needs? Do you finish the fireplace with brick or stone? Do you build in Mobile,Al. It's a 420 mile drive to you and do you still have the 850 sqft home?"

Yes you can modify the plan for the 2000 sq ft home. No fireplace is included. Yes we can build in Mobile Al. The 832 square foot home has been discontinued. The 1040 is still avaiable.

Shawn K. asks "Can I get additional siding from you for my garage? Cost?"