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sergey volzhskiy asks "Hi John,Where I can get a roof plan for 1250 shale for my roofer?"

Sorry. I've never heard of a roof plan, or A roofer that needed one.

sergey asks "what's the pitch on 1250 shale?"


Brent and Megan asks "Has anyone ever done a laminated beam instead of piers for the foundation? I would like todo an open floor plan basement. If so, do you have a detail of the beam?"

Yes. Detail depends on model chosen.

Brent and Megan asks "Beam follow up question: thanks! We will be doing the 1450 sq ft in Saluda, NC. Driveway is in the works..."

3- 1-3/4''x16'' lvl beams dropped under floor joice, nailed together with support at the stairway.