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If you have questions, comments, or suggestions. ASK THE BUILDER!

Dana Munach asks "On the 1250sqft model, doe it include stairs, Kitchen cabinets, Interio partitions shown on floor plan, sliding glass doors, any plumbing fixtures? Also, I will be in Ellijay the mrning of Dec 4, would anyone be available to meet? Thanks"

Please call to confirm.

Joan S Peters asks "I am interested in your 1450 sq ft model, how much does it cost with wrap around porch and stairway as shown in your photos? Also are you open between Xmas and New Year and do you have models on display?"

Those items you can add locally.

bob barber asks "what happens to the price if you convert the 1450 sq ft unit to Chalet style house "

The base price will remain the same.

Jay asks "What is the deduct for the siding? Do the walls come with plywood sheathing?"

If siding is deleted osb and house wrap can be installed. Siding deduct figured at time of order.