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Ask Connor Construction


If you have questions, comments, or suggestions. ASK THE BUILDER!

Jeff Brown asks "Can you build in LaGrange,GA a two story? If so how much per sq. ft.?"

Yes we can build a shell in LaGrange, Ga. 21. pre ft plus a small distance charge.

Marilyn asks "Do you have any building planned in GA anytime soon? We'd love to see the one-day process."

Yes we do. Right now dates are uncertain.

Erik Benner asks "Do you have any of the small 832 Square Foot Chalets that we can see? Also, is this also built at the $21 a ft?"

The 1450 and the 1800 foot homes are the hot sellers and are $21 per foot. Many are under construction. We have a 1800 model at the factory in Ellijay, Georgia. None of the smaller homes are available at this time. Call for prices on the smaller homes.

R. cates asks "If I already have well, septic and can do the interior painting,electrical and flooring what would bey the turn key cost to do the rest on a 1400 sqft loft style home?"

Useing our low cost shell should allow you to build a nice log look home for a much lower price than any other construction method.