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Jose asks "I am near Nashville, do you have a address"

Its located on top of the mountain in Cobbley Knob subdivision Gatlingburg Tn. on the right.

Tom asks "I plan to build 40 miles from Ellijay. I am going to do all the work myself except electric, plumbing, basement foundation and AC. Could you give a rough estimate of what someone would expect to pay subcontractors for those items on the 1450 sq ft model."

This question has not yet been answered.

Tom asks "Also, would you furnish the crane if it was 40 miles from Ellijay."

A local guy from Ellijay can do it. I think he charges around 90 per hour that you will need to pay.

Tom asks "Could you explain the insulation process for the cathedral ceilings. To get to r38 you would need more than 2x8, Isnt spray insulation very costly. In a post you say cost of 1750 using high density insulation. What insulation and who did you use. "

Sprayed in foam is the easy way.