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Bernadette Johnson asks "Can the plans be modified?"


Bill Tracy asks "Definitely interested in the 2,000 s.f. Model in the spring. I am working on the foundations and driveway over the winter. Hopefully you will be in operation then. If you can call me at 770-842-4856 to let me know. Our lot is close to Blue Ridg, GA."

yes we can.

John Truesdale asks "I visited your factory about 2 years ago. I had my heart set on getting the 1250sq ft model when I retire in June 2016. Now I see you have removed it from the website. Any way I can still get the 1250 sq ft model. I will consider paying you in full now."

The 1250 is back better than ever.

John Truesdale asks "I will call you tomorrow, 10/14"

This question has not yet been answered.