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Ask Connor Construction


If you have questions, comments, or suggestions. ASK THE BUILDER!

Susan Hadley asks "We would like to come and look at how the 1450 could be modified. Will you be around the weekend after Christmas or day after New Years?"

Yes just call and let me know when.

Susan Hadley asks "Do you have any inside pictures of 1450 homes that have been completed? "

Click on the 1450 plan and then the pictures on that page.

Rebecca S. Addis asks "This says you deliver and assemble within 100 miles of Ellijay Ga - my place is in Vidalia Ga. Would you deliver and assemble there at all?"

Your local crew can assemble in just a few hours. So simple a cave man can do it. Much cheaper to do it that way. Call and I will tell you how its done.

Rick asks "I have a lot in Almond NC. About how much more does it cost for your crew to complete the delivered house? I'm thinking in the 900sq ft range."

We only do shells.