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Daniekle asks "On the 1250 floor plan can you build-in the small 11ft porch and make that a mud room?"

That will need to be built onsite after the shell is erected.

Danielle asks "Also the 1450 sq ft floor plan can be extended from 32ft to 36ft correct. Would like to make it a few feet longer"

Yes we can make it longer.

Susan Hadley asks "Hey John. Can you tell me the wall height on the single story side of the 1250 sq ft home and then also the 2 story side. Getting closer to come and order the home!!!"

single story side 8'4 1/2'' second floor walls are 88''

Danielle asks "Ok on the floor plan 1450 it's 32 feet wide could that be extended to 36ft or what size could it be enlarged to and what would the cost be. Also with that floor plan are the porches included or are they extra?"

This question has not yet been answered.