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Danielle asks "So is the roof over the 1450 deck included? Or is the actual deck you walk on not included"

No porch floor or porch roof is included with the 1450 home.

Cynthia DiAmore asks "Do you know of builders in Seneca Sc area that can help?"


Eddie White asks "I am thinking about building in Talking Rock Creek Resort, across from Carter's Lake. Could you please send the plans with elevations or pics for the 1040 sf Chalet? What would be the delivered and erected price as well?"

This question has not yet been answered.

Susan Hadley asks "How many exit doors are required on homes according to 2012 Building Code for GA? Trying to get my final placement of windows and doors for the 1250! Hope to see you very soon."

I think only one. The windows that we install are large enough for egress in case of emergency.