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Joey asks "can OSB sheathing replace the wall styrofoam sheathing"

Yes zip system is probably best.

Robert Dobson asks "Can you order a home with 2x6 construction rather than 2x4?"

Use spray foam in a 2x4 wall if you want A super insulated home.

Robert Dobson asks "I guess it was too difficult to directly answer the question of using 2x6 construction. I am more concerned with structural integrity. I'm not building a shed."

In over 40 years of home building I have never heard of anyone using 2x6 walls for anything but extra insulation. Yes we can build with 2x6 walls but it probably is a total waste of money. Even the homes we have built in hurricane areas have had 2x4 walls.

Joey asks "Do you offer lower maintanence siding option than pine?"

Siding can be deleted.