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Ask Connor Construction


If you have questions, comments, or suggestions. ASK THE BUILDER!

Warren asks "Do you ship to Europe and do you have a price for the kits 1450 and 1800 sq ft excluding shipping? Thanks"

Yes we can ship. 20.00 sq.ft. not including shipping.

Sam and Cathy Morrow asks "Do you have (A frame) style homes ? something with a loft ? "

No tru A frames but our 1450 sq ft and our 1800 sq ft are about the same as modified A frames. Just turn them around and put glass and deck on the end.

Brian Roberts asks "I'm planning on building home in Auburn, AL this with-in the range to be assembled by your crew."


Charles W. Sutton asks "I saw on this site where your crews have built homes in Lake Lure, and Asheville, NC. Would you build mine in Hickory, NC, about 60 miles east of Asheville, on I-40 ?"