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Ask Connor Construction


If you have questions, comments, or suggestions. ASK THE BUILDER!

Gary Sims asks "Do you have more pictures that could be put up to show different completed homes?"

If you are one of the hundreds of home owners we have built for, please send pictures to we need your pictures to put on this website.

Rob asks "Do you go as far as Washington, Georgia to erect your houses? Are you going to put a oic or plans for your 2000 sq. ft house on your website? Thanks,"

Yes we can deliver to Washington, Georgia. Please call for info on the 2000 ft home.

Jeff Cameron asks "We are interested in purchasing this type of home. Dou you have any additional home plans for a one story 3 br 2 bath. Also we live in south Georgia about 2 and half hours from Atlanta how would that work as far as the delivery and set up. Thanks so m"

What city are you near?

Charles Sutton asks "the turn into the entrance to our 16 acre plot is kind of tight, we have had several 10 wheeler dump trucks- loaded- go up it; however, when will you send your inspector to make sure property and site OK?"

Where are you located?