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charles w. sutton asks "I asked about inspector to check my site / driveway in Hickory, N.C., we are closing sale of our home, Feb. 15th, already have land , financing, how do we set-up a site-check by your inspectors, question 41, you needed my location, thanks, Chuck"

Site is checked after foundation is completed. Sounds like there will be no problem.

charles w sutton asks "FYI, my building site already has temp. power, has perked, well permit, etc. Just want to make sure we don't need to widen driveway. Modular home crew says they can do it, but, we are getting the 1450 panel home from you, so need your OK about driveway"

If Concrete trucks can get to the site usually there will not be a problem. We use straight trucks that take much less space than a modular home would. CHARLES PLEASE CALL BEFORE COMING ON SATURDAY.

Rob asks "IHere is my fax number to send the plans for the 2000 sg. ft cabin. Thanks, 407-898-2064"

The 2000 sq.ft.home is only sold locally. Where are you building?

Rob asks "I will be building near Washington, Georgia this summer."

This question has not yet been answered.