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Ask Connor Construction


If you have questions, comments, or suggestions. ASK THE BUILDER!

joseph acord asks "how long does it take from the time I order my home untill it is ready to be set on my lot"

If you place your order early, before starting the foundation, the home can usually be delivered and erected within two to three weeks of the foundation completion date. Our construction speed should put you weeks or even months ahead of most conventional construction methods.

Gary Moll asks "Do you have any garage models?"

Some of our models can be converted into garages.

Paul asks "When are you buiilding your next home?"

We will be building a 1450 square foot home Wednesday September 6th. It's going into a subdivision called Eagle Mountain just south of Ellijay, Georgia. If you would like to watch give us a call for directions. It should only take 5-6 hours for the dry in.

bill munson asks "would you build a 1400 model without chink log siding as I would like to use stucco instead"

Yes we can delete the siding.