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Ask Connor Construction


If you have questions, comments, or suggestions. ASK THE BUILDER!

Wanda asks "Are there any of your homes in the western part of NC that I could see? I wouldn't need to walk through-just want a better idea of the appearance. Also, what would be the price per sq. ft. to erect a shell in Asheville, N.C.? "

We will be doing a 1450 sq.ft. home in Erwin Tennessee just north of Ashville as soon the the owner is ready. Please call for prices.

Jo asks "how many panels are in the roof system and how many panels are in the floor system of the 1450 sq. ft. home"

There are 10 roof panels and 8 floor panels in the 1450 home.

tom asks "Will the model in Ellijay be open Saturday Feburary 3rd?"


Joy asks "My husband and I want a bigger home than your 2000. Would it be possible to get 2 of your 1450 models and put them together? Also we are located in Swansea, SC. Would you be able to do the work at this location? Thanks."

Sorry we only deliver within 3 hours of Ellijay, Ga.