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Marilyn asks "What are the dimensions of the 2000 sq. ft. home? What does it look like? "

The larger homes are only built in Ellijay area. Homes up to 1800 sq.ft. are delivered within three hours of Ellijay, Ga. Plans can be faxed of the 2000 sq.ft. home.

Madelaine Davi asks "My mimimum requirement on my 2.77 acres is 900 sq feet. Will you price dried in for a plan larger than you mention at 832 sq ft?"

We offer a 1040 Sq.ft home.

Madelaine asks "Thanks, I called for the price of 1050 sq feet. I was looking for one level. Prices do not include finished roof, correct ?"

This question has not yet been answered.

Madelaine asks "Forget my previous question, sorry I see the answer on you site."

This question has not yet been answered.