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Ask Connor Construction


If you have questions, comments, or suggestions. ASK THE BUILDER!

Stephen asks "I am very far from your area (Arizona) any way I could have the product shipped and erected by a subcontractor to you? How do I get info on your panel house product?"

Sorry we are not shipping to Arizona at this time.

Steve asks "Can you install 3"x8" D-style log siding rather than the 1"x10" standard siding? If so, will the 2"x4" frame support it or do you need to go to 2"x6" in the panels? What would the cost adder be?"

At this time we are only offering the chink log siding.

Paul asks "Will you ship to the Columbia, SC area, and if so what would be the package price and shipping cost of your 2000 sq. foot model?"

At the present time we are only shipping and erecting within 3 hours of Ellijay, Georgia.

Will Kramer asks "I noticed some of your web site pictures show the window edges in brown or white. Do you offer both colors?"

The new low E energy code windows are solid vinyl and are only available in white or tan. Tan is our standard color. They can be painted or wood trim can be applied to the exterior.