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Ask Connor Construction


If you have questions, comments, or suggestions. ASK THE BUILDER!

Ron asks "Do you also build garages? WE are looking for a 2 story 36 Xv24ft garage,,thanks"

We can do a 26x32 or a 26x40

Kim Nord Berkow asks "Would it be possible for you to email me foundation plans with basement for your largest plan (The Buckhorn I believe with optional addition making it almost 2000 sf). I do not have a fax. We are hoping to order this home from you in the near future."

Give me your E-mail and I will try it.

mike walker asks "I own a farm in Columbia Ky I want to build a small cabin and move into it. Then build a 2,000 cabin with a basment while living in the smaller cabin. Do you sell small cabins like 400' and how much are they? Also do they come set up price "

Sorry ky is out of our delivery range.

Barbara Hix Rhodes asks "Interested in cabin, did you graduate from Clemson, if so I met you and your wife a couple of years ago and talked to you then. Lost your name and number. Would be building right there in Wild Hog near the reuion spot. "

Sorry you must be thinking of someone else.