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Elizabeth Smith asks "Hi - We have a little 1000 sq ft T-111 "house" that we would like to redo as a cabin. Change the siding outside and make wood paneling on the inside. We are adding an addition onto it too. Do you sell siding/paneling for this? We are in Cherokee Co. GA"

Sorry we only sell complete shells.

Richard Goff asks "I know you cannot erect, but can you deliver to North FL.? (Marianna area just a tad south of alabama) Am interested in the 832 sf chalet. Is the cost about 30% higher per sq ft for the single stories, if you can deliver?"

We can ship by common carrier. The one story homes are slightly higher per square foot.

Richard Goff asks "On your chalet's, what holds the roof panels up? There does'nt seem to be a ridge beam or truss system. "

There is a 3 1/2 x 16 inch ridge beam underneath 2 2x8s on the roof panels.

Blake Rodabaugh asks "Is there anyway to have your company either complete or arrange for the erection of the kit outside of your region? If so Costs?"

Erections on shipped only kits are arranged locally.