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If you have questions, comments, or suggestions. ASK THE BUILDER!

Michael Huddleston asks "What hight are the ceilings on the first florr? and can you have 10 foot ceilings?"

Lower floor ceilings are 8'5"

Mike Huddleston asks "Can you build ceilings higher than 8'5"?"

Higher ceilings are possible but it not possible to build a code compliant stairway to reach the higher second floor using our standard online plans.The stairs will take a longer run to meet code.

L.B. asks "Do you deliver/assemble in Clinton/OakRidge, TN? Looking at your 1800, 2000, and 2800 sq.ft. plans. -- can you install a steel beam structure instead of using 8 ft center posts in basement so can have open garage space?"

Yes we can deliver and erect in Oak Ridge. When you build your basement you can use a steel beam instead of post.

dawn asks "how does this work? do we have to have someone put foundation ,plumbing and everything in ahead for time or do you do all that??? and how much a suare ft. finished."

The foundation needs to be in before the shell is erected. Everythig else is done afterwards. We only supply shells.