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Mike asks "Are the 1040 and 832 sq ft Chalets the same as the Chalet and ChaletB on the website? ( I'm having difficulty reading the plans for the Chalet and ChaletB). Can I see non-computer generated picture of the Chalets? Thanks"

The best newest plans are linked from the home page of this website. Click on the link at the bottom of this page. They should be readable.

rebecca wade asks "what is least expensve 2 bedroom cabin including shipping and building on site ?"

Please call for prices.

Joe Hardwick asks "I am looking at the 1450 model. What options would I have for upgrades in the widows to energy effecent and hardiboard siding and metal for roofing. I think Paul Wright is going to build a cabin form you soon just down the road.We are both in cedartown."

The windows are .35 u value low-e insulated. There are higher priced windows on the market but it will be hard to find a better energy rating. We only offer log siding. We can delete the siding but it will cost much more to add the siding on site than we can include already installed. The home will come with a felt paper roof you can add any type finished roofing material.

Joe Hardwick asks "If I wanted to change to a frech door opening do I need to have to consult an architec or can I talk directly with you?"

We can take care of that "no charge".