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Ask Connor Construction


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Joe Hardwick asks "Any charge to deliver and set up in Ceadrtown?"

Need to get an exact mileage to the job site. Cedartown will probably be no extra charge.

Joe Hardwick asks "Can fillets be installed on the windows to look like six over six windows?"

Vinyl windows can be ordered with grills inside the glass.

Dan asks "What is the outside wall material that you use between the 2X4s, the foam insulation and siding wood?"

You will need to install insulation between the studs after the wireing and before the finish is applied.

Dan asks "For the subfloors, can you install a 3/4 inch OSB or plywood tounge and grove panel instead of the standard 1/2 inch?"

That would be optional but unnecessary since the floor joice are on 12 inches on center. A second layer of floorng will need to be added, usually 3/4 inch hardwood.