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Ask Connor Construction


If you have questions, comments, or suggestions. ASK THE BUILDER!

Dan asks "If you are intsalling over a basement instead of a crawl-space what are our options to incorporate an opening for an inside staircase to the basement from the main floor?"

If the home is to be placed on a basement a stair hole is included.

Dan asks "How do you attach the floor joists to the foundation sill plate once your at the jobsite?"

Conventional nailing.

Dan asks "Do you offer dove tail corner siding? What other options are available with siding? Also, where does the hole go on the main level for the staircase to the basement when placed on a basement?"

No dove tail corners are available. D log siding is availably but it's not worth the high price. The stairs are shown on the floor plans.

Peggy Gray asks "Mr Connor, I was at your factory a couple of months ago and you gave me some prices however I can not locate the paper. Please give me a price on the 832, 1040 and 1450 homes. My email is Thanks"

Please call for prices.