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Ask Connor Construction


If you have questions, comments, or suggestions. ASK THE BUILDER!

L.B. asks "Can you recommend a foundation/basement builder in the clinton/oak ridge, tn area. Need someone familiar with plumbing layout and local building codes for a Melton Hill lakeside. Also, have you built any homes in the area that we could look at mid-June?"

Nothing going in you area right now. Check with your local building supplys for subs.

john asks "do you have a 2800 sq ft home built or soon to be built in your area or in TN that could be seen for a drive by or possibly a closer look"

There are some homes close to our factory you can see.

Joan Tomlin asks "Do you sell blue prints for your homes? We want the 1040 sq.ft. 1 level chalet model. If so, how much are they, and how many copies do you get?"

When you place an order all drawings are included.

Kyle Gibson asks "Do you have any homes in the Grainger co TN areato look at?"

There is a 1450 sq.ft. home under construction in New Taswell Tn.