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Ask Connor Construction


If you have questions, comments, or suggestions. ASK THE BUILDER!

David asks "We are interested in the 1450 model. We are looking to buy in TN. My understanding is you deliver 75 miles from your location and set up the shell,for $21 per sq ft. Is that correct? Also , what additional charges to set up say an extra 125 miles?"

Erection is included in price. Delivery is 3.00 per loaded mile from Ellijay, Ga.

Jennifer asks "Do any of the chalet plans have two floors? Thanks"

Additional fixed glass can be added to any plan to give it a chalet look.

joseph saia asks "What floor would work best with making the full basement a garage with stairs to go up to first floor?"

Most basements have concrete floors.

joseph saia asks "What contractor have you used in Gadsden to finish the home?"

Check with your local building suppys. They should have the names of subs to do various jobs.