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If you have questions, comments, or suggestions. ASK THE BUILDER!

Laura Nix asks "We have one of your homes now and want to build in Athens Georgia. Would your crew erect the house and can we get a house that is simply wider than the one we have now to increase square footage?"

Hi Laura, 26 feet is the standard width. We do have a new 2000 square foot plan that has a living room dining room area of 24 feet X 34 feet. We can build a shell in the Athens area. You would need to have the foundation ready and finish the interior using local labor.

Art Austin asks "Can you please send me floor plans of the larger models you have available in PDF format, JPG, or Chief Arch - I can't read the floor plan dimensioning on your web site to determine the overall Sq Ft. My e-mail address is Thanks."

On the home page there's some links to larger more readable plans.

Art Austin asks "What is used to protect the log siding adn how often must it be re-coated."

There are a number of stains and sealers available. Check at your local paint store, Lowes or Home depot.

Kevin Crump asks "I am interested in your 1450 s.f plan. Is it possible to design it so it can cantilever some? I only have a depth of 20ft available because of a creek. I am a contractor in Asheville, what would be the shipped price here?"

Yes it is possible to cantilever. We can ship to ashville with you paying shipping and erect local for $29,000. We can deliver and erect for you for around $34,000 total.