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Ask Connor Construction


If you have questions, comments, or suggestions. ASK THE BUILDER!

Dan asks "If placing a 1450sqft over a basement, can the same dimension LVL beam thats used for the 2nd floor be used for the main floor as well? "

The main floor would require larger supports since the upstairs is open over the living area.

Dan asks "Does a single solid LVL beam span the 32 foot length on the 1450 plan? What is the length of the beam(s)"

The 3 1/2"x12" LVL is 32' long and requires support at the stairway.

JOSEPH HARDWICK asks "My banker would like to review the plans prior to approving the financing. What is avaliable to my lender from you before payment is made? Also any details I would need to give my engineer when site planning as I wanted to have a full basement under ."

Give me a fax number and I will send the plan.

Steve St.Claire asks "What is the price for the 1040 sq. foot chalet? We'd be building it in the Asheville area so please add that extra cost onto the price. "

Please call for prices.