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Ask Connor Construction


If you have questions, comments, or suggestions. ASK THE BUILDER!

Bill Bright asks "Do you have a model to view in the Ellijay area and if so, will it be open on Sunday 9/2/07?"

We are closed on sunday but you can see the model home anytime.

Joe Hardwick asks "I'm in the process of getting bids on the slab for the 2000 sq ft model . Can you provide the information needed to give them to get an accurate estimate?I'm looking at a garage on slab, under the cabin."

Click on our best selling 2000 square foot home for plans.

Regina C. asks "Do you do "regular" (as opposed to cabin style) homes which could be bricked on the exterior?"

Not at this time.

Ken Reid asks "When I try to view the Buckhorn or a lot of your other homes the square footage and dimensions are to small to see. Is there any way to make them larger? If not can you tell me which of the homes are around 1000 sf?"

Try the links to the plans from the main page. They are the top sellers.