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Sandy Kramer 305 471 1913 asks "what model is the Hetrick home? like roof and large front porch; sq ft? per arthritis i need master and den/craft room on ground floor. 2 br/bath upstairs OK.. open basement nice. no lot yet; retiring in fall of 08"

The Hetrick home is our best selling 1450 square foot home on a full basement.

cyndi asks "do you do custom homes?"

Sorry not at this time.

Vicki Webb asks "Did you contact Jeff Williams at Suntrust? The plumber is coming out Monday and the foundation after that. As we discussed weeks ago, the foundation work you need is moving along at a good pace as my husband discussed with you. 706-344-8007"

This question has not yet been answered.

Robby asks "On your 2000 sq ft home the picture shows a chimney. Is this included with the shell price of $21/sf?"

The fireplace is not included in the shell price.