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alfonzo asks "What about custom built plans greater than 3500 sq ft? Can your comp. erect a custom plan?"

The 2800 square foot home is the largest at this time. If you add a basement that will add over 1600 more feet.

Fernando asks "Do you have any completed homes in central florida? also roughly how much would 832sf log sided chalet cost here."

There are no homes in central Florida at this time. Please call for prices.

Bill Watkins asks "I have a lot in Enis Montana and would like to have someone build the 1450 plan...Will you sell the plan?? "

This question has not yet been answered.

Shawn asks "What is the address of the house in Asheville? I am planning to build 3 to 5 homes starting in less than 3 months and am considering your company. I noticed that you use 2x4's for the exterior walls. Has that passed code here in Buncombe County?"

This question has not yet been answered.