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Derek asks "In your 2000 Sq foot house it shows a fireplace, can a fireplace be added and appoximately how much will that add to the cost?"

We will frame for the fireplace which can be added on site.

Robert Honeck asks "How does the design of your home differ for coastal applications?"

This question has not yet been answered.

Linda King asks "Taking bids on log home for salvage in the Ooltewah Tennessee area. Logs are 6x12 hand hewn Western Hemlock logs. Home is approx 70'x30' with an addition on back. I have photos if interested. Thanks"

This question has not yet been answered.

Carla asks "What is the sq. footage of each of the Buckhorns, 1,2,and 3. Also, is the Buckhorn the only floor plan with 3 bedrooms. Can you fax or email me a larger floor plan of the Buckhorns??? Thanks"

1450 sq. ft. or 1800 sq. ft.