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jay and julia johnson asks "can we go by and see one of the log homes you have built in memphis,tn.?"

I don't have any of the newer homes in Memphis. The Closest thing I have going to you is Pigeon Forge Tn.

Bill Drake asks "i am looking at purchasing a chalet: it is insulated in the walls, but not the a-frame roof; is this usual construction? "

The walls will include r-3 strofoam insulation under the siding. You will need to add batt insulation to both the walls and roof after the wireing is done

Mike Harmeling asks "Can you upgrade your 2 X 4 exterior walls to 2 X 6 or 2 X 8 to allow for maximum insulation in the walls? Your area suggests R 11 to R 28 in exterior wall cavities?"

The walls come with r-3 strofoam. You can add r-15 batt to the 2x4 walls for a total of around r-19. If you want to have sprayed in strofoam into the walls you will have r-24 walls.

Ronald Gratzinger asks "What is the price for the Chalet? Can the larger model be modified so the upstairs is completely floored with no access to downstairs and seperate outside enterance? Can windows be adjusted? This is for the Fort Mtn area and will be combination home and y"

$21.00 pre square foot for the erected shell. Yes the upstairs can be completely floored. Windows can be adjusted.