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If you have questions, comments, or suggestions. ASK THE BUILDER!

Steve Tate asks "Are the 5 plans you have listed the only ones available? If there are others, where can I see them?"

Click on site map the last link on the page is floor plans.

Dan asks "Do you build in Wisconsin"

We can ship to you for a local assembly.

Steve Tate asks "Re: 1450 Chalet. Could you make this 2' wider and 4' longer? Also could you use 16" open trusses for the floor joists? "

If you want to clear span the basemet A beam can be used. Larger homes are Possible.

Steve Tate asks "I'm thinking more about utility distribution than clear spanning with the floor trusses. Does you system allow you to use them?"

Floor trusses may not be strong enough for this home.The building inspector might not approve them. Build the basement higher and install everything under the floor joice. Floor trusses are very deep up to 24" more height is added to the home either way.