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If you have questions, comments, or suggestions. ASK THE BUILDER!

Jerome Heissenbuttel asks "Can you ship to New York? How much for the 2800SQ ft home package and what is included in that package(specs). Thank You"

Yes we can ship to NY. Click on the what's included link on the main page.

bonnie wisz asks "The footprint of my dream home is 30 x 40. I was hoping the 1800 sq. ft. home would work, but it doesn't. Do you have any models with a footprint of what I'm looking for?"

The 2000 square foot home is the closest.

Brent asks "Instead of the owner staining the exterior after installation at the site, would you consider staining the exterior walls at your factory? This would really save me some time on a ladder. Thanks!!! "

Call we may be able to pre stain it for you.

Maxine Nafis asks "Do you build in northern florida?"

Yes its possible depending on your location.